Monday, 3 November 2014

Important dates to add to the calendar!

My apologies I missed a couple of dates for the calendar.  Please add them to your copies.

Thurs. Nov. 27th  at 4pm into the evening we will have activity conferences.  In kindergarten we do not have report cards until March. This gives students time to mature and adjust  to school before formal reporting. Activity conferences are longer in length and are an opportunity for parents to see their children in action.  We will have four groups of children with their parents going through four different activities where your children will be showing you what they know.  There will be a math center, an alphabet center, a poster center and the coin d'amis.  You will have a clipboard sheet where you can take notes and add comments. I will be circulating to answer questions but please remember that this is not an interview time.   

Nov. 28th  there will be no school for students.

We will also be walking across the street to visit McQuarries' Tea Emporium to see the Remembrance Day window display. 
Nov. 14th is our trip to the WDM.

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions!
Thank you
Mme Jennifer Wallace

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