Wednesday, 22 April 2015

News and Notes in April

Reminder that tomorrow April 23rd is Blast from the Past!  The kids can dress up from a time gone by….another decade or even century!  Also please remember that I will need volunteers April 27th and April 28th.  We will be making bannock on the Monday and we will be going to a film on Tuesday.

Le vendredi 17 avril, 2015

Chers parents,
We had a great week back! We started the week with a visit from two local artists, Mr. and Mrs. Rivard.  They shared with us some knowledge about light, shadows and colour (la lumière, les ombres et la couleur) as we started our fruit study sketches on Monday.  On Tuesday we then did our still life,nature morte, paintings of a bowl of fruit.  The children did beautiful work.  The paintings and sketches are on display in the LRC glass display case.  Next week we will make our own personal fake pizzas.  We learned a little about how to divide pizzas into even numbers to share with others.  We will include shapes when we make our toppings.

We are looking forward to some special days in the weeks to come.  Next week April 23rd is Blast to the Past.  Children can dress up from a decade or century that has gone by.  This is always optional but great fun to get into the spirit of the day.  Monday, April 27th I will be baking bannock with the students.  If you are able to volunteer please let me know.  I can use one or two helpers for this undertaking.  On Tuesday April 28th we will also need volunteers to walk with us and view Le coq de St-Victor at the Broadway Theatre for the Cinergie Festival.  I will need two additional adults.

On May 8th we will be having our Mother’s Day Tea.  If a parent cannot attend please send someone in your place for that morning.  It will be about 45 minutes in the LRC beginning at about 9am. 

We are done our alphabet homework booklets so we will another break from homework.  Thank you for the great participation.  These booklets can now remain at home.  We are enjoying the warmer weather greatly!  Please ensure that your child still has outdoor shoes (runnners) and indoor shoes as this helps keep our school clean.

Merci pour votre soutien!

Mme Wallace

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