Thursday, 15 October 2015


Chers  parents,
We are having a change.  Please note tomorrow Friday October 16th is
Sports Day and the whole school is asking students and staff to wear sports
gear, shirts, jerseys or a uniform.  Please do not buy anything new.  We will change our PINK day to Wednesday October 21st. And our rainbow day will follow on the Thursday
October 22nd.
Merci!  Thank you!  We had a wonderful celebration with our care-partners playing games today in our class.
le lundi 19 octobre: brun (brown)
le mardi 20 octobre: noir et blanc (black and/or white)

le mercredi 21 octobre: rose (pink or peach)
le jeudi 22 octobre: l'arc-en-ciel (rainbow)
Sorry for  the confusion!

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