Friday, 5 February 2016

Alphabet song book

Chers parents,
An alphabet song book is going home today.  Your child can read and sing the words, sounds and letters on the pages up to the letter “P.”  The letters /songs are not in order so that the children can learn their letters individually.  We have begun working on sounds the letters make with other letters as well.  A couple of songs have different words in the songbooks than what we have practiced.  Either version is acceptable.  For example, your child might sing: “Benoît le beau bébé (2) se baigne dans sa baignoire avec son ballon bleu”—instead of “…avec son bleu bateau.”  Doing this overview is optional but it is good when your child can share what he or she is doing in class with you.  Please return the songbook on Monday in your child’s dossier as we will continue to do work on the songs in class.
Please remember—next week we have our assembly Thursday February 11th at 9:00am in the gym.  All our kindergarten students will be performing our winter songs for this.
After the break Tuesday February 23rdwe will celebrate 100 days of school.  Please bring a baggie with 100 small snack items to add to a bowl.  Your child can also bring a 100 days project that he or she has worked on—to share with the class. 
Mme Jennifer Wallace

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