Thursday, 28 April 2016

May Newsletter

Please remember there is no school tomorrow!  I hope you have a great long weekend. 

Here are some news and notes:

Le 28 avril 2016

Chers parents,

We are looking forward to the month of May as we look back on some wonderful activities we did in April.  We had a great restaurant simulation this week with our care partners.  The kindergarten students did quite well ordering food in French and being customers as our care partner class served and welcomed us to the restaurant.   We also enjoyed an artist workshop that spanned two sessions with local artists and personal friends, Phil Rivard and Marlys Vango Rivard.   We painted still life bowls of fruit and learned about shadows and light, composition, realism, abstract, impressionism, (even a nod to Fauvism).  The finished products are on display in the glass cases in the LRC.  It was a great experience.  This past month we were able to take home some homemade cardboard pizzas and learned about toppings and fractions while doing so.  A big thanks to Little Ceasar’s in Stonebridge for the donation of boxes to make the craft complete!  We enjoyed learning and singing “Je suis une pizza” as part of that.   April 22nd was Earth Day.  We watched the original video narration of The Lorax and on Earth Day we participated in cleaning up some of the school yard with Mme McCrea’s class.  It was so good to see our class eager to help out and contribute to making our school yard better.

We will be enjoying a few upcoming special events.  Tuesday May 3rd we will be going to The Roxy Theatre for a film entitled “Le Manoir Magique.”  We will be leaving at 9:00am and returning after 11:00am.  The following day we will be having our Mother’s Day Tea, Wednesday May 4th at 9am-9:45 in the LRC.  The students have been working very hard on their gifts as well as practicing for the short performance we will be giving.  We will have more field trips and special events in June as well that I will let you know about. 

For your child’s special day this month we will share about an activity we love to do with mom, auntie or grandma.  Please remember that this is not a time to bring toys but rather a chance for our class to get to know each student better through some questions and answers. 

A newsletter went home today about an occurrence of lice; to help prevent the spread we will not be using the dress up clothes in the classroom for the time being.  Hopefully this will help.  I would like to remind parents and students while all the road work is being done to please use the crosswalks when picking up and dropping off students, rather than crossing in the middle of the street.  As I have been on bus supervision I have seen some close calls and it has been quite worrisome.  Hopefully as a kindergarten class, we as students and parents can set an example for the rest of the school.  Thank you for your help in this. 


Mme Jennifer Wallace

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