Monday, 19 September 2016

September update

Chers parents,

Bonjour!  I would like to thank you all, parents and students for a great start to the school year.  I am happy to say that we have all our consent forms in and our kids are always ready and happy to start our day at school.  Thank you also for your understanding with my absence at Meet the Staff and enjoyed touching base with you on the phone and for the messages.  I look forward to working with you all.  I would like to give you some dates to help us with some upcoming events:

EVERY Tuesday we will be exchanging library books.  That is tomorrow.  Please send your child’s library book in the plastic book bag and we will get the books out that day.  I already had some books handed in this morning and that is great.

Thursday, September 29th it will be Terry Fox Run day.  (It is also red day for our class—la couleur rouge. I will explain that below*)We will be learning a bit about who Terry Fox was and we will be raising funds for cancer research.  In the past few years we have had stickers that say: I am running for_____________.  If you have someone affected by cancer and wish to explain that a bit to your child you can do that prior to that day.  We will run in our field back and forth for a specific time. 

*Because we our learning colours in French will be starting to wear specific colour on colour days as well.  I thought that on that Thursday Sept 29th we could all wear red to remind us of how Terry sought to run across Canada. We can show our pride in what he accomplished and the amazing fundraising that has continued because of what he did over 35 years ago.

Friday, September 30th we will be wearing orange and walking to the Oskayak Pow Wow. This is a day of remembrance.  Phyllis Webstad, (also from B.C. like Terry Fox), is the reason for wearing orange.  Phyllis, a First Nations girl, was taken from her family at 6 years old to go to residential school.  She wore a special new shirt—orange for her first day.   That shirt was taken from her and she was given a uniform to wear.  Much more was stripped from First Nations children in our Canadian history and we will remember what they went through and honour their experiences on that day.

Here are some links:

Please add these dates to your September calendar!

We have been learning many expressions and songs.  We are learning all about me—“C’est moi!” and sharing special days.  We have been learning letters and numbers, directions and body parts in French. 

We are also learning about zones of regulation and being in the green zone and about filling buckets. Here are some links:


Merci!  We look forward to more learning and fun together à la maternelle!

Mme Jennifer Wallace

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