Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Qui suis-je?

C'est la rentrée--It's back to school.  For our kindergarten students however we say:
"Bienvenue!"  So happy you are here and we are starting a new year.  You can come here to receive updates and keep up with what we are doing in class.  There are also some wonderful links that you can connect with.  I will continue to have newsletters but this is another great tool.  Hope you enjoy.

Our theme this month is MOI--All about me.  *Please remember to have your child bring a baby photo for his or her special day.  Check the calendar I sent home in your child's dossier.  Unfortunately we cannot fit everyone in the month of September so there will be a few in October.
Guess who the first two babies are...
The smallest photo is a kindergarten photo. 

(*Please note this is a public blog and I will avoid putting photos of individual children--with the exception of these two vintage photos above. You can visit my old blog to see an example. )

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